CORE LNGas hive

Project selected by the European Commission


The project is developing a safe and efficient, integrated logistics and supply chain for LNG in the transport industry (small scale and bunkering), particularly for maritime transport of the Iberian Peninsula.

CORE LNGas hive contributes to the decarbonisation of the European corridors of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and is a step in the career of reduced emissions, the promotion of clean energy for transportation driven by the European Union.

Clean Power for Transport

The Iberian Peninsula has a geostrategic position in the world and possesses gas infrastructures and LNG logistics know-how to consolidate as a European benchmark leader in LNG and an international hub.

The initiative CORE LNGas hive was selected for the development of the Trans-European Transport Networks (call 2014 Connect Europe Facility CEF) to receive financial support of €16.5Mn from the European Commission. The total investment in the project is €33Mn.


LNG is an environmentally friendly fuel, given that it generates about 30% fewer emissions of CO2 than traditional fuels and its derivatives.

Moreover, it eliminates emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter (PM); reduces strongly nitrogen oxides (NOx), which allows complying with increasingly tight environmental regulation, particularly improving the air quality of port environments.


It involves 25 studies, conducted by the partner companies for adaptation of infrastructure and logistical – commercial development in order to offer small-scale supply services and bunkering.


Pilot projects (investment):

  • Infrastructure developments of small-scale and bunkering services.
  • Development of barges of distribution of LNG in Barcelona and Northern Spain.
  • Transformation of LNG to be used as LNG for ships, tugboats and port cranes.
  • Multimodal transport for LNG logisticst (rail/road transport).


  • Study on the LNG Demand and supply chain .
  • Development of technical standards and security.
  • LNG Social acceptance
  • LNG certified training scheme.


In addition, the project CORE LNGas hive offers the know-how to other European countries for the development of procedures and regulation and the establishment of training activities, promotes the international expansion of the LNG sector and it integrates initiatives within a coherent and project global through the combination of public and private efforts.


Brochure on subactivities, goals and scope

Ports as Energy Bridge to decarbonise Europe

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