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Maritime Air Pollution, Europe

20 octubre, 2020 - 22 octubre, 2020

RouteMAP for maritime industry greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution reduction

On 1 January 2020, a once-in-a-generation regulatory change took place. In a virtual environment, through nine engaging sessions over three days, this conference will provide the answers you need on the challenges faced in IMO 2020 implementation and compliance and provide stakeholder viewpoints on a routemap to manage future regulations on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution reduction. Nearly a year on from entry into force, Riviera’s MAP Europe conference will explore vessel owner/operator experiences with their chosen compliance technologies including fuels, lubricants, additives and engines. It will examine the development and performance of scrubbers, scrutinise future fuels in depth – choice, availability and quality, and address the key role ports have to play in decarbonising the maritime industry.

This year’s MAP Europe conference will bring key industry players together in a virtual setting to learn from industry peers, discuss issues relevant to IMO 2020 and the challenges that lie ahead and to connect and network online for the first time. Succinct presentations will be brought to our virtual audience in concise clear segments affording you ample time to remotely connect and engage with your fellow attendees, expert speakers and industry partners.